Running Successful Projects

Running Successful Projects

This is the book the whole voluntary sector has been waiting for!

Well, perhaps not, but it’s the book on which the highly successful course ‘Running Successful Projects in the Voluntary Sector’ is based.

We believe it gives managers working in the voluntary sector the information and tools that you need to successfully manage a project.

This is one of very, very few project management books written with the voluntary sector in mind.  This books covers techniques and tips on good project management, always from a voluntary sector perspective.

What it’s not – it’s not full of complicated stuff – project management is not rocket science, so let’s not pretend it’s complicated.

What it is – it takes a down to earth, pragmatic approach to delivering a project in such a way that you and your organisation can be proud.

It takes you through the project process from the moment one of your trustees comes up with a ‘great idea’, right through to the moment when you complete it and file your portfolio of success in the organisation’s library.

You now have a choice;

If you have the book already and are looking for the resources mentioned in it, look no further; here they are.

Whatever you do, enjoy!