Generally interesting stuff

This page is for books that I have found interesting and might interest you. The range is limited right now – there's only one book! But it will grow, so should you come back here from time to time, be prepared to be surprised.

Shut up about your perfect child

This is a book by a couple of Mums in America about their lives with a less than perfect child.

As a parent of a lad with Asperger's and one with ADHD, I can relate to these ladies. Although the details of their journey are not entirely applicable (since it talks about the American education and care system and I live in the UK) the principles are right there. It's the battling with the authorities, and the feelings you get when others don't understand just what a triumph an apparently simple thing is for your kid.

I like the tone – there's no self pity, just a drive to do the best for their kid. And the love shows through like a beacon.

Read it – now!