Generally useful stuff

Calendar Here you can download a calendar. Boring but useful.

Each file is in Excel 2010 format and contains two worksheets; one which includes the English public holidays highlighted in red, and one which has no public holidays marked at all, so you can put in your own. The calendar also shows the international standard week numbers. I print these out one year per page and stick them in the little folder that lives in my bag. In these days of PDAs and iPhones, few of us carry a diary around, and it’s amazing how useful a printed, year to a page calendar can be..

Holiday charts.  These are holiday sheets for tracking when your staff (or volunteers) are on holiday. You can put in their annual entitlement, how much they’ve carried over, and the spreadsheet takes care of the rest.

These files are for calendar years

This is for the financial year

Sickness charts.  You can use a very similar idea for sickness charts

  • 2012 calendar year (Excel 2004)
  • 2012 calendar year (Excel 2010)
  • Financial year 2012-2013 (Excel 2010)