Fruits of my (non) labour

by Stuart on 11 September 2012

At 3rd Sector Towers we have a tree, and for the past few years we’ve wondered what the little purple fruit is. For the last few years we’ve complained about the mess the fruit makes on the car that’s parked under it.

This year we discovered it’s a damson tree and the boss decided to make jam. This is a first.
This is the rolling boil stage of the process. I was impressed by the glorious colours. Now, with absolutely no work on my part whatever, we have three pots of beautiful tasting jam.

Anyone who’s read this blog in the past will know my gardening technique of studied neglect and the damsons are a perfect example of the benefits of this approach. Trust me. It works well. And if the boss wants to try her hand at any other form of home-made stuff, she has my full support.

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