Too much of a good thing

by Stuart on 19 August 2012

Here, at 3rd Sector Towers, my approach to the garden has been one of studied neglect. That is, I look out at it and think about it, then I neglect it.

This approach has borne fruit, quite literally, over the years and especially this year. We have a mass of brambles with a huge crop of blackberries. I have to admit that last evening I felt a little bit odd in the tummy department as a result of picking said blackberries. The idea was to pick loads and freeze them so we can enjoy blackberry and apple crumble later in the year. But for every 5 that went in the container, one went in me. They were beautiful, succulent and sweet. And I spent the evening regretting it slightly.

But it’s a new day with new things to do, and I might wander up the garden later today and see if the berries that weren’t quite ripe yesterday are ripe today. Who knows? I might even have a few. This is called “failing to learn from one’s mistakes”. And, do you know what? In this instance I don’t care!

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