Meetings – aaargh!

by Stuart on 20 June 2012

Is that your reaction to meetings?

Does the thought tighten a knot in your stomach? Do you look forward to perfecting your ability to count seconds accurately without consulting your watch? Are you wondering if you can play Angry Birds for 90 minutes without being discovered, and without cheering when you win a level?

It’s been said that the average office worker spends 54 years of their lives in meetings. It’s rubbish, becuase I just made it up. But it seems that way.

It doesn’t have to be so. Starting on Friday (appropriately) I bring you a series of posts on how to not only survive meetings, but how to make them more productive. As usual, none of this is rocket science, but it’s amazing how many people overlook it.

There will the odd outright lie in the posts, for example, it is NOT true that strangling your co-worker whilst in a meeting counts as mitigating circumstances, no matter what I might say, but they’ll be pretty obvious. The rest of the posts will be good solid true stuff.

So come back on Friday for the first instalment of “Meetings 101”.

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