I’ve been kindled – aargh!

by Stuart on 23 May 2012

You can rest easy, the long wait is over.

At last, Running Successful Projects is available on Kindle so you can have instant access to this veritable treasure trove of – stuff – about project management. Okay, you won’t have the thrill of anticipation as the postman walks up your path (“Is it today my book will arrive?”), but, hey, anticipation is over-rated anyway.

Converting the print edition to Kindle has been a labour of love, a learning experience, and a pain in the rear to my wife (who had her Kindle appropriated for test purposes). It came with a sprinkling of joy, frustration, anger, bewilderment, fury and some strong* words but I am so glad it’s finally on Amazon.

You can get it here and if you like it, please tell the world.  If you don’t, please tell me and I’ll take your comments on board for the next edition.

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