by Stuart on 12 August 2011

I find it staggering to think that there are some people who think that ‘retard’ is an acceptable descriptor for someone with a learning disability. It’s just not!

I find it staggering to think that if I used a certain word beginning with ‘N’ I would be hit with the full force of anti-racist law (and rightly so) but it’s still apparently ok to call someone a retard. It’s just not!

It’s time the R word went the same way as the N word, and is treated with the same level of severity.

“Oh, but it’s only a word – don’t make such a big deal of it”


It may be just a word, but it stands for so much.  It stands for an attitude that places people with a learning disability as second class citizens, and encourages discrimination against them.  It stands for freedom to bully and taunt.

Let’s make a stand and make the R word unacceptable.  Once that’s happened the next step is to take bullying and mindless discrimination off the streets too.

I urge you with all the urge I can muster to go to the r-word website and take action.  Now!

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