Housing benefit fiasco

by Stuart on 4 July 2011

“A leaked letter from the office of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles warns the Prime Minister that housing benefit cuts could leave 40,000 homeless. The letter, written by the minister’s private secretary, warns that instead of producing a predicted £270million saving, the benefits cap is likely to ‘generate a net cost’ to the taxpayer as councils are forced to pick up the tab for thousands of homeless families.”

I’m sorry. Are you telling me that our (very) highly paid lords and masters have just realised this? Didn’t anyone think it all the way through just a little earlier?

When you consider that this is hardly the first time a predicted (and widely claimed) massive saving turns into an actual massive cost, I can’t help but wonder why anyone in his or her right mind allows this sort of thing to happen again.

Maybe I’ve just answered my own question…

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