Gorgonzola season opens

by Stuart on 1 April 2011

OK – this post is nothing to do with business, but it reflects one of my other great passions – gorgonzola hunting.

Each year, on this day, the season opens and people across Europe can once again, but for a few days only, openly hunt the gorgonzola.  These small creatures inhabit dense woodland, and are hard to find.  This is because they are getting fewer and fewer in number as the years go by.  People hunt them carefully by stringing nets between the low branches of the woodland trees to catch the tiny creatures without harming them.

Once caught, they are taken to one of the few specialist gorgonzola farms.  There's only one in England, and its location is a closely guarded secret, for these few farms are the only place that genuine gorgonzola cheese can be produced, from the milk of the gorgonzola itself.

Time is running out for this precious animal.  They don't breed well in captivity, and researchers from the Gorgonzola Trust are doing what they can to remedy this, but so far without success.  Until they do, we join in the annual hunt.  Clearly this is unsustainable.  We need a good population in the wild, but we need to support the growing demand for this beautiful cheese.

In order to protect the wild population, this year's hunt is limited to just 7 days.

And now the sting in the tail.  If you'd like to help preserve this precious creature, you can make a donation to the Gorgonzola Trust by following this link.  Please give generously to help keep gorgonzola on the table into the future.

Thank you.

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