How not to do it

by Stuart on 9 March 2011

I like Twitter.

As well as being fun and bringing me lots of entertainment, I can keep up with geeky stuff like planetary probes (I've been into that since I was a little boy, and no, that was NOT before there were rockets, thank you)

I follow quite a number of charities and it's a good way to see what they're up to and what's important to them from day to day.

There are some 'other' tweeters around.

One of my favourites is "Meeting Boy".  This guy clearly works in a big organisation and his tweets are full of stuff not to do.  How not to hold meetings.  How not to motivate your staff.  How not to ….well almost anything.

Can I recommend him to you?  Click on this link to find him.

Enjoy – and cringe!

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