Take 5 minutes to change the world

by Stuart on 18 February 2011

OK – it's a bit dramatic, but I hope it got you to read this.

Royal Mencap is organising a petition to the Chancellor to urge him to ensure there is better public funding to meet the suppport needs of people with a learning disability.  It will be delivered to him before the budget on 23 March.

People with learning disabilities are some of the most vulnerable in our Society, and they need our help.  And with a little help, their lives can be transformed.  It's really important not to neglect them when setting the nation's budget.

Please take 5 minutes out of your life to support this petition.  It won't cost you a penny, but it could change the world for a person with a learning disability.

Do it now, before you get up to make that cup of coffee.

Change the world.

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