Indexing a book

by Stuart on 8 February 2011

It's been a little while since I posted – been working hard to finish off the book "Running Successful Projects".  I swear this last couple of weeks has been the hardest part.  Creating the thing in the first place was easy compared to checking it all through, proof-reading, formatting etc.  

And today I have been creating the index.  Man, what a tedious job.  It requires very little in the way of brain power, but the extremes of will power.  Sitting at the computer all day, selecting words, creating the tags etc etc.  I hit the 'create index' button about 5 minutes ago, and the first draft has popped up.

Have I finished?

I think not.  There are obvious inconsistencies in the index which will probably take another full day to go through and correct.  And then there are the inconsistencies that I'll have to look for.

It's an interesting exercise in personality traits.  On the Belbin scale, I am not a details person, so this exercise is tortuous for me.  But it will be worth it.  I hesitate to give an end date for this project, except to say it will be soon.  And I will be so relieved when it's done.

And now – sleep.


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