Get off chest time

by Stuart on 21 January 2011

There is no way this is supposed to be a political blog.  I try very hard to keep neutral about the whole sordid business.

But there are times…..

The latest press story which raises the prospect of parents putting their children into care because they're being refused respite illustrates the point I wish to make.  Chop a few quid off something over here….. and reap a huge cost over there.  The cost of a child in care is huge, enormous, big, big, big.  (And this is just the financial cost, never mind the emotional costs to child and parents).  I find it hard to believe that the cost of providing respite care so that child can stay at home is in the same county, let alone the same ball park.

And on the radio last night the journalist raised the prospect of national government and local government playing "blame ping-pong" where each blames the other for the problem (whatever the problem of the day is).

I didn't exercise my democratic right to vote to be a spectator at a bloody ping pong match.  I expect those who are elected to get their collective act together, and work together to look after the vulnerable in our society.  Dumping on them is not acceptable.


So come on, guys – whatever your political colour.  While you're scoring points off each other, people are suffering.

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