Tickler files

by Stuart on 8 December 2010

My daily tickler file

Sorry, but this isn't anything to do with tickling, so don't expect any laughs from this post.  Perhaps just an ironic chuckle that this is such a simple idea "Why didn't I think of it ages ago?"

I get loads of meeting minutes, agendas etc and one of the hardest things is keeping track of them so I can take them to the relevant meeting – without a 20 minute panic hunt for the things.

It's such a simple idea – I got myself one of those files with tabs 1-31, and another with tabs Jan-Dec.

Now when something comes in and I'll need it at a later date, I write the due date in big letters on the top of the front sheet (so I can see where it needs to go), and put the whole lot in the appropriate bit of the file.  If it's for this month, it goes in the 1-31 file, and if for another month, it's into the other file.

At the end of each month it's a matter of a minute or so to transfer stuff from the monthly to the daily file.

And now, when I'm getting ready to go to that meeting or appointment, I know the relevant papers will be in the file.  No more red face when I turn up and have to admit to having lost the papers.

Now all I have to do is to remember to look in the file for the papers.  How I do this is the topic of another post.

And the name of this system is  – tickler file.  Maybe it's because it tickles your memory, don't know the answer to that one.

Try it – it works for me, and it might just work for you, too.

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