Let’s be geeky about Christmas

by Stuart on 21 December 2010


At this time of year, the TV is full of cookery shows showing us how to make the perfect Christmas dinner.  Funny how the 'perfect' dinner is different depending on which celebrity chef you're watching…..  But I digress.  The point I'm vaguely wandering up to is that your Christmas dinner is a project and, although you don't apply PRINCE2 to it (at least I sincerely hope you don't!) you do plan it just like you should plan any project.

You have certain tasks to complete, and there is an order to those tasks.  There are resources to worry about – how many rings are on your cooker is one.  There is a budget, and there is a time constraint – ideally it should all come together at one time, ready to serve up.  You need to make sure you have all the materials you need before you start to prepare the meal.  You need to get the turkey in the oven some hours before you put on the sprouts.  And if your turkey is frozen then you need to kick off the defrost task quite a long time ahead of the cooking task.

It's not rocket science, so I'm not going to labour the point.

My question is – you don't get a successful Christmas dinner without thinking it through and planning beforehand.  So why do you just leap in to projects at work?  And then wonder why they go wrong?

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