Why projects fail – part 3

by Stuart on 25 November 2010

Today it's how to almost succeed, but not quite.

Objectives partially met

There can be many reasons why project objectives are only partially met. Perhaps the objectives were woolly in the first place – in which case you only have yourself to blame! (Sorry for being harsh, but it's true) If the objectives were good, maybe they were unreasonable – remember the 'A' in SMART, in which case you still only have yourself to blame for accepting them.

Things can change over the life of a project, and part of your job is to cope with change and still bring the project in on time and budget. However, there are some things that change too much, and render the project impossible. If this happens to you, you need to renegotiate the whole deal – redefine the project based on the new circumstances. It may be possible to salvage a part of it, it may be possible to extend it in time or budget or both. You need to be looking for a way to turn potential failure into success – maybe this project can spawn another to come along later, and you can then claim success for both?

And the final part tomorrow is all about time and money

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