Why projects fail – part 2

by Stuart on 24 November 2010

Yesterday we saw how projects can fail if you don't know what your objectives are.

Today it's ..

Team unsure of project deliverables

How will you know you've achieved the objectives?

Answer, by understanding what the project will deliver in specific terms.

Make sure that everyone knows what your team will be delivering, how and when. Deliverables don’t just mean hardware – books, furniture etc.  A completed specification is a deliverable; so is a completed grant application. Be specific about what the project expects. The more specific you are, the surer you can be that you have succeeded.

On the other hand, a vague list of deliverables generates the possibility for endless doubt – "What does xxxx really mean?", and doubt means delay and that means failure.

Tomorrow, we'll look at a partially successful project.

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