Why get interested in project management?

by Stuart on 3 November 2010

Over the last few years there's been a dramatic change in the way voluntary sector organisations have had to operate. Funding patterns changed dramatically with a larger proportion allocated to discrete projects and the level of professionalism expected from third sector organisations has risen.

We need to operate in a professional manner, and also show to our funders and members that we are doing so. Funders expect to see that they're getting value for money, and we have to expend energy showing that we're meeting targets, objectives, outcomes. If we can cope with all this, then we will do well. We're likely to succeed, and therefore attract more funding and so on. If we can't cope, we're likely to lose funding and lose the confidence of those with the money, and – well you can fill in the rest.

So what's the secret?

There's no one secret, but good project management is a start. If you use good project management techniques, you will be in a position to demonstrate that you're operating in a professional manner, which will impress your funders, and you'll be able to work more effectively, which will impress your trustees. And you'll feel more confident in your ability to manage projects, so you'll sleep better. There's never enough resource of any kind in voluntary organisations. Why waste it working in an ineffective way?

Apply just a few PM tools and you'll make better use of the resources you have. Investing in project management is a good investment.

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