It’s time to get out of project management when….

by Stuart on 29 October 2010

  1. You refer to your other half as the budget holder.
  2. Your personal life is planned to the nth degree.
  3. You write a project Contract for your next holiday.
  4. Safe sex involves a risk log and contingency plan.
  5. You organise your family into a more efficient team based structure.
  6. The "deliverables" for Saturday are the shopping and washing.
  7. You mitigate the risk of your in-laws visiting.
  8. Finding yourself explaining what Gantt, PERT and CPM diagrams are to people down the pub.
  9. You enjoy reading the Project Management Body of Knowledge in bed.

Another gem I found lying around my disc.  If anyone knows who originally wrote these wonderful pieces of wisdom, I will happily credit them. I thought they were funny, and so pass them on.

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