by Stuart on 20 October 2010

This strange label is one of the most useful labels for files that I've ever come across.

It stands for "Don't Know Where To File It File"

It's a real cop-out and if you have such a file it will be small, because you will go to it frequently and deal with the contents properly – won't you?

I have such a file, and it's a pile on the side table in my office. The bad news is it's messy and tall. The good news is that I hardly ever take anything out of the pile, except on the (approximately) monthly cull. That's when I have a bored moment and sit down with some loud music on and go through the pile. Most of it goes straight in the recycling box, and the rest I deal with. In some mysterious way, the paper that's been sitting unloved for a month finds a home when I go through the pile.

So, I think a DKWTFIF is a good thing for me, provided I go through it often enough to prevent it falling down and smothering me.

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