Avoiding distraction

by Stuart on 8 October 2010

You know how it is. You're trying to concentrate on a particularly difficult/important topic and people keep interrupting you. All you need is 20 minutes peace and quiet, but you can't get it. Perhaps you have the luxury of an office door to close. Maybe people ignore it and knock anyway. Perhaps you could go to a meeting room out of the way, but maybe you need so much paperwork it would be a marathon exercise so you don't bother. You need a subtle way of telling people to leave you alone. Here's an A4 sized poster you can print off, perhaps laminate, and stick on your door, or above your desk for those moments when you want the world to go away.

It's subtle. It's understated. Its message is conveyed in a light-hearted but pointed way.

Download it, try it, then let me know if it worked for you.

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