Abbreviations that made me laugh

by Stuart on 22 October 2010

Who says project management (and other sorts of work) shouldn't be fun? Here are some TLAs I've come across which made me smile – I hope they do the same for you.  As I've collected these over the years, I've no idea where they first came from, so I can't acknowledge them. NB only read on if you're not easily offended.

  • RTFM: Read The Flipping (!) Manual.  Often used by the support desk folk who are fed up with answering bloody stupid questions.
  • MIL-TFD-4AC: Make It Like – The Flipping Drawing – for A Change.  A spoof military specification used on technical drawings when the author was fed up with the manufacturer not doing what he was told
  • OSINTOT: O Shit I Never Thought Of That. A project management term
  • TLA – Three Letter Acronym.  Self-explanatory

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