Forum3 – some thoughts following a visit

by Stuart on 26 September 2010

I went to Forum3 at the Design Centre in Islington yesterday, to see what was going on, and to keep my daughter company – she's thinking of working in the charitable sector some day, and wanted to get an idea of what's on offer. 

Some good stands there, and some strange ones too.  We turned up quite late on Saturday afternoon, and there were still loads of people there.  Couple of good seminars – elevator speeches and getting your CV right – which were free.  And lots of interesting people to talk to, on the stands, in the seminars, just standing around.  It amazes me the range of things that are going on.

When I walked up the stairs to the exhibition floor I could feel the atmosphere growing more and more positive.  All these folk selling their causes, engaging with the passing people, flying their flags.

In my opinion, everyone in our sector needs to go to something like this just to recharge their enthusiasm batteries.  I don't see how anyone could spend half an hour in there and not feel uplifted.

We have such a vibrant voluntary sector, even in these economically horrible times, and we should celebrate it more often.  Sure there are going to be bloody times ahead, but there have been bloody times in the past and we're still here, still supporting people who need support, still changing the world.

Anyone out there visit this exhibition?  Did you feel uplifted, or was it just me………….

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