by Stuart on 30 August 2010

There are some good tools around, and I found a cracker the other day – it’s Evernote.

I probably use about 10% of its capability but even that has prompted me to blog about it.  It’s a free piece of software that bolts on to your web browser.  You can save web pages with a click of the mouse.  You can write yourself notes and save them, with pictures, and probably video and music as well – I don’t know yet.  The ability to clip web pages is enough for me right now.

I’m off to Scotland for a meeting and have booked train tickets and a hotel.  Instead of saving those tedious “Print this for your records” pages with the reservation number etc on them, and then forgetting where I put them, I just clicked on the Evernote button on the browser toolbar and the page is saved.  It’s on the web so I can sync notes between desktop and laptop, and there’s even an app for my iPhone.

You can split the saved notes into notebooks, so I can keep these pages separate from the “Must read this at some time’ notes.

I’ve had this program less than a month, and I’m sold on it.  Give it a try – I’m sure you’ll find a good use for it, and it will improve your life.  And then I can sit back and feel smug that I’ve done something good.

And if Evernote would kindly donate a penny for every referral from this site, some lucky charity might make – ooh ten pence?

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